I felt honored when Shambhala Sun asked me to create a cover photograph of  Two Dudes (Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman) at The Four Seasons in New York.

The purpose of a cover picture is to sell magazines, the restriction is you have to leave room for the title and type.


They also asked me to supply photographs of Bernie's work over the years; they published pictures from his work in Auschwitz, his work founding the  Greyston childcare center, and from his formal Zen studies with Maezumi Roshi.

Bernie and Jeff have just published a book entitled "The Zen Master and The Dude", it's drawn from conversations between these two friends.  Most of the talk was conducted face to face or walking side by side, but the last conversation was held over a skype connection between California and Massachusetts.

In addition to his skills as an actor, musician, and draftsman, Jeff is an accomplished photographer, he works on his movie sets with a widelux camera and currently has an exhibition at ICP in New York and a book of his photographs. In my best move of the session, I handed my camera to him:

I've been traveling with Bernie for over 30 years, I'm always the one behind the camera, so I'm pleased to have our first picture together. Thanks Jeff!

photo by Jeff Bridges

photo by Jeff Bridges