(Dear Friends: this is new and growing, please let me know if you are missing,broken, poorly described or if there's a better link)

Robert Joshin Althouse - painter and zen teacher at The ZEN LIFE AND MEDITATION CENTER in Chicago

Sam Anderson - architect with expertise in art preservation for museums, based in NYC

Hale Appleman - actor now on TV in THE MAGICIANS, lives in LA, films in Vancouver

Jake Appleman - sportswriter based in NYC

Elizabeth Bailey - video director and author of "The Patient's Checklist" about how to deal with hospitals

Karin Berg - music lover and an A&R woman extraodinaire based in NYC (1938-2006)

Vicky Bijur - literary agent and daughter of Hilda Bijur (1918-2013)

David Bither - leader of NONESUCH RECORDS and a better tennis player than me

Malgorzata Braunek - actor and zen teacher in Warsaw (1947-2014)

Alice Brickner - if didn't know better I'd say Alice was in her late 20's. Alice is an artist.

Phil Brickner - doctor and creative force in the community medicine movement (1930-2014)

Moshe Cohen - Mr.Yoowho, who reminds me of Charlie Chaplin, is a leader of CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS

Kate Crisp - executive director of THE PRISON MINDFULNESS INSTITUTE based in Western Massachusetts

Theo Croker - jazz leader out of Oberlin, his second record on Sony is

Dr.Robert M. "Fogseeker" Cunningham - cloud physicist, fog collector,  and Peter's father (1919-2008)

Alison Hawthorne Deming - poet, professor and pathmaker  based in Arizona and Grand Manan

Michel Nocando Dobbs - family man, industrialist, high priest of THE ORDER OF DISORDER  & more (or less)

Ara Fitzgerald - professor and solo dance/theater performer in NYC

Grover Gauntt - A Zen teacher who escaped Wharton to lead retreats on urban streets and in Indian country.

Vera Graaf - writer and filmmaker, Vera Directed STRANGER FROM AWAY about Michael Zimmer's creations.

John Jesurun - experimental theater writer and director, NYC

Jim Hall - guitarist and composer based in Greenwich Village

Paul Kaiser - artist, writer, and philosopher based in NYC

Dan Kaufman - journalist and musician who leads the band BARBEZ is based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Peter Kovach - A State Department "Public Diplomacy Officer" specializing in interfaith religious affairs.

Adam Kurtzman - artist based in LA

Aleksandra Elenai Kwiatkowska - designer, photographer, and dancer based in NY, Paris, and Wroclaw.

Jerry Lavin - former lab director at Spectra Photo in NYC

Ed Levine - founder of SERIOUS EATS and recently inducted in James Beard's Who's Who in Food. 

Gaetano Maida - photographer, tea master, and founding director of THE BUDDHIST FILM FOUNDATION

Morley - singer-songwriter and peace activist based in NYC

Florent Morellet - my neighbor in The Meat Market, map-maker and social-adventurer. Florent's father.

Denise Petrizzo - filmmaker and editor based in Soho

Gus Powell - photographer and writer based in Brooklyn

Mark Schapiro - investigative journalist who's latest book is SEEDS OF RESISTANCE

Anton Seimon - knows about the sky and the earth and is father's reincarnation, based in snow

Jon-Marc Seimon - photographer, "information architect", and wise guy who is based in New York

Duston Spear - artist, filmmaker, and activist based in New York

Kevin Swanepoel - President of THE ONE CLUB, excellent photographer, and frequent world traveler.

June Tanoue - hula master and zen teacher in Hawaii and Chicago

Tim Trompeter - artist in NYC

Michael Zimmer - architect, eccentric, and arranger of THE HERRING HALL OF FAME  (1934-2008)











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