They say that in the beginning was "THE WORD".  But "BEGINNING" is itself a word. Eve and Adam knew no beginning, no end. They had no words. Language was only necessary after the Fall from Eden, an invention of man.. Language offered us the opportunity to communicate across barriers we encountered with one another, but it also confines the parameters of how we think. Like fish swimming in water they don’t perceive, we never notice the language we are immersed in. And then our thought process becomes determined by categories defined by the words we know.                (click through three pictures)

As babies we thirst for words to condense the uncategorized onrush of pure experience. The tree of knowledge is an irresistible temptation. Then, unfortunately, as adults we become numbed to everything that doesn’t have a name. We take up earnest practices like Zen Meditation or we take up belief systems like Supreme Divinity, all in an effort to break through the sense of separation introduced by language.