I am fortunate in my life, to have spent time in places where my passing will not be noted, where I am wholly insignificant, dispensable, irrelevant. These are places where the feel of stones underfoot, wind burning the face, and the dominance of wild animals is unavoidable, where the scent of my own species is easily blown away. They call this “wilderness”. My version of  wildernesses not  in the Antarctic or the Kalahari, but in Grand Manan where a short row through a thick fog will will deliver you to “parts unknown”.
 Peter on 1953 on Kent Island by  his father's weather station . Bob Cunningham collected weather records here for 70 years beginning in 1938. Are has now been automated, follow the link to see the current weather in this remote location in the Bay of Fundy. There is a live webcam where you can see and hear the birdsong the rain, you will have to imagine the unimaginable multitudes of lobster, seal, herring and whales that surround you.                    -                  -            -            -            -            -
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