2016 “WE’VE BEEN SWALLOWED UP” - a film (5 min)    Photographs from around the world - music by Bruce Springsteen   (password =“kuku”)

2016 - THE MISSION in San Francisco - a film (4 min)   “Everything Must Go” - music by Theo Croker

2015 - THE ORDER OF DISORDER workshop teacher at THE VILLAGE ZENDO in NY

2015 - FOGSEEKERS - a book    Stories from Grand Manan Island

2015 - FOGSEEKER - a film (10 min)     Denise Petrizzo’s film about Peter Cunningham on Grand Manan

2015 - A THOUSAND ARMS - a book about zen - 30 years of Travels with Zen visionary Bernie Glassman

2015 -“HERE IN THE MATERIAL WORLD”- a film about sculpture (5 min)   - music by Hale Appleman

2014 - EARTH: A VISITOR’S GUIDE - a book   Climate Change and California Agriculture with Mark Schapiro

2014 COMING FROM NOTHING collaboration with poet Jennifer Pinard - a book

2014 PORTRAITS OF ZEN TEACHERS - a book   “I am the Buddhas and they are me”

2014 WILDERNESS ROAD - a pdf   A new road is blasted through Henry David Thoreau’s virgin woods

2013 - PORTRAITS OF PERFORMING ARTISTS - a book  “Someday We’ll Look Back on This and it will all seem funny” - Peter’s history of Rock&Roll   part 1    part 2

2013 READING AND WRITING -55 books  Textbooks for elementary teachers by Lucy Calkins at Columbia Teachers College   READING SERIES    WRITING SERIES:

2013 MODERN DANCE - a booklet   A reunion of dancers with master-teacher Martha Meyers - with Ara Fitzgerald

2013 ACTUALIZATION OF A VISIONARY - a book   Pat Kuleto’s vineyard in Napa

2013 The Zen Master and the Dude - a magazine cover Shambhala Sun

2012 INTERVIEW WITH PETER MATTHIESSEN - a video   Produced by tricycle Magazine and filmed by Denise Petrizzo, Peter interviews a Zen Master and his Dharma Successor at Ocean Zeno in Sagaponack.

2012 PORTRAIT OF A CREATIVE ECCENTRIC - a book  The Sardine Museum in Grand Manan created by Michael Zimmer - preface by Kate Wallace

2012 - HERE AT THE LINCOLN PUBLIC LIBRARY - an exhibition catalogue   Beauty uncovered in adjacent to the exhibition space.

011-2013 Teaching "PHOTOGRAPHY AS ZEN PRACtiCE" at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. Also at Zen Life and Meditation Center in Chicago and The Zen Center of Los Angeles.

2010 THE FIVE BUDDHA FAMILIES - an exercise Photographs to represent this ancient division of personality types - as per Bernie Glassman.

2010 ARE WE THERE YET? - book travels in Japan, “a Zen journey to Space and Time” with Peter matthiessen and Bernie Glassman

2010 ORPHANS OF GENOCIDE in RWANDA - book   “Among the Living”: Portraits in Kigali

2010 LISTENING TO RWANDA - a book  (2)  A “Bearing Witness Retreat” in Rwanda lets by Fleet Maull

2009 ITALIAN VANITY FAIR on Peter and Madonna

2008 YANKEE STADIUM - a film(5 min)   “The Last Days”, music by Andy Friedman

2008 CULTURAL EVOLUTION IN CHINA- a book published by Pantheon  photographs with observations in English and Chinese

2008 PHYSICAL REVOLUTION IN CHINA - a film  The buildings are changing along with the minds

2008 Saint John Telegraph-Journal's Arts section on Peter in Grand Manan

2006 CHINESE/JAPANESE RECONCILIATION CONFERENCE in Nanjing China / 2006-2008 teaching Chinese photography workshops for The One Club in Beijing and Shanghai.

2006 Peter presents a variety of Still Films nightly for a month at THE GRAND MANAN ART GALLERY

2006  YOUR MAMA - children  (update code)

2006 THE ORDER OF DISORDER - a disorganization   Humor enters Zen practice

2005 CHRISTO’S GATES IN CENTRAL PARK - a film (5 min)   Snow falls on orange art - music by Ricky Ian Gordon

2005 Tour of STILL FILMS to Paris, London, Berlin, and Krakow.

2005 WORK/LIFE BALANCE - 2 books  Corporate personal across America at work and at play.

2004 BERLIN - a still film  “WENDE WANDE” or “WALLS CHANGE” music by Barbez,  live performances in Manhattan and Brooklyn  (link here)

2003 FREE EXPRESSION CARDS - postcards   Protest cards opposing the invasion of Iraq

2001 YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU’VE Got ‘TILL IT’S GONE - booklet and film  The World Trade Center attacks from Greenwich Village  (update link). 2002 presented at the first anniversary  with the Ground Zero priest, rabbi, and imam at The Center for Jewish History

1997 TRICYCLE MAGAZINE publishes an written essay by Peter Cunningham on a "Bearing Witness Retreat" at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

1996 - ArTsEeNSoHo - a website  An award winning early web attempt at mapping the art in Soho created with Tim Trompeter

1995 Presentation of a STILL FILM for the funeral of Maezumi Roshi in TOKYO

1995 WORDWISE CARDS - greeting cards  Cards made from photographs of single words  (link here)

1994 OBERLIN COLLEGE mounts 4 giant murals in their new dining hall of the origins of the food we eat. A commission by Sam Anderson at Gwathmey-Siegal Architects

1993 TOMMY, the MUSICAL - book published by Pantheon.   The making of a Broadway show.

1992+ STILL FILMS - a 3-screen projection medium  Many shows created with image and music and presented to small audiences around the world

1990 NEW YORK CITY - a portfolio  “Public Works” - a collection of commercial jobs


1985 PORTRAITS OF PERFORMING ARTISTS - a film (7 min)  “All You See Is Glory” - music by Janis Ian

1982  DOUBLE PORTRAITS IN THE CITY SUBWAYS - an exhibition from New York City

1977 Peter shoots "International Stud" with Harvey Fierstein, his first off-Broadway show.  IMDB list of Broadway productions photographed by Peter Cunningham

1975 Peter assists HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON for a month shooting the state of New Jersey for Bill Moyers on PBS.

1974-2003 Exhibition of PERFORMING ARTISTS at THE BOTTOM LINE in NYC

1973 Peter's first commercial job: Bruce Springsteen's first publicity pictures for Columbia Records. He made a living for the next decade making images for the record companies.

1969 Peter picks up his first camera and learns darkroom after studying anthropology at Wesleyan University with David McAllester, his first photo teachers were working pros, Adger Cowen and Bob Golden.