top: Janis Ian  appears in the  "American Songbook"  series at Jazz at Lincoln Center February 5, 2016. This is the view out onto Columbus Circle and Central Park South.bottom:  Reflections of The Bowery  in the front window of  The International Center of Photography (ICP)  as it prepares for reopening downtown in June 2016
 Top: The first day of Spring 2016 at  DeCordova Sculpture Park  in Lincoln, Mass.  Bottom: My basketball buddy Doug opened an evangelical church in Arlington,Mass, the space was filled with a wide variety of local citizens and recent immigrants. Across the street lay the graves of previous immigrants whose remains had apparently fertilized the growth of giant trees which in their own time had come to the end of their years. Endings need beginnings.
  Barbez  at Joe's Pub January 2, 2016
 Top: Canada Day in Seal Cove, 2015  Bottom: Grand Manan High School students explore  The Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island  in New Brunswick in July 2015
 The picture at the center of the series to the right: Myhron and Eunice Tate in 1948, the photo is by my father, Bob Cunningham.
 Eunice Tate holds a pictures of herself and her husband Myhron in the Grand Manan Nursing Home, 2016. Inside, Myhron, in the nursing home in 2003, holds a picture of the two of them in 1999 in which they are holding a picture taken by my father Bob in 1948. The original they are a young couple kissing in front of an old Plymouth. I was one year old at the time.
  Cynthia Kittredge,  a pal from Grand Manan, gives the sermon at  St. Bart's Cathedral  on Park Avenue. February  2016
  Bernie Glassman  , founder of  ZEN PEACEMAKERS , in a Springfield, Mass hospital recovering from a stroke, March 2016. 
  Paul Kaiser  writing his forthcoming book, "Among Others" in Lincoln 2016, and  Nat Wheelwright  examining tree rings for evidence of the effect of hares on tree growth, Kent Island 2015
  Peter Kovach  in Soho the week that David Bowie died nearby.
 William Levine and his Grandfather William Bijur on the Upper West Side, 2016. The portrait was made by Arnold Newman; Will is an aspiring agent in Hollywood.
 A student of projection design is projected upon in a  DADA exhibition at Yale March 23, 2016.  Just as this picture was made we were kicked out by a guard (nicely) for lying down on the artwork (aka, "the floor").  Dada indeed.
  THE STRATHLORNE, a HERRING CARRIER , is destroyed. I’m told that a buyer was nearly found, one who wanted to convert her to a pleasure boat, but the stern was too rotted to restore.  I’m also told that the reason it rotted was that the STRATHLORNE was the first of the fleet to be fiberglassed, but they hadn’t yet learned to apply it in such a way as to avoid the wood “sweating”. That lesson was learned and the other boats in the line have avoided the problem. In fact, 7 herring carriers are currently in the Ingalls Head compound (outside the window where I’m trying this) - they are freshly painted, ready and waiting for the herring to come inside and find them. With herring, one never know, it might happen any day now, in fact, those of you who haven’t put twine on your weir are going to feel mighty silly!  Billy Small, master of the art of the big machine, saved the name-plank. It’s in the safe hands of a former captain now and I’m told it may surface again in some yet-unknown new creative form.  The mystery of the STRATHLORNE continues onward.  Grand Manan, June 30, 2016    Later on..... you can see in the bottom picture the creative resolution. We have subsequently proposed that the island actively save the name plates off boats that are destroyed in the future and that we rename the island trails with these memory-laden souvenirs of history.     THE FACTS OF THE CASE: “In 1965 Connors Bros decided on a new line of sardine carriers big enough to service the growing seining fleet. There were 7 Strath boats built by the company between 1960-70. All 65 feet long (except the first of the line which was the STRATHLORNE at 54 feet that could carry 55 hogsheads) with high sides so they coldly "brace up against" the seiner in all kinds of weather, square sterns and could carry 75 hogsheads. The STRATHLORNE, the first of the “Strath” line, was built in 1965 in Black’s Harbour. -from   John Gilman, HISTORY OF SARDINE CARRIERS AND BOATMEN
 Top:   The 80th anniversary celebration of THE ABRHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE  arriving to fight against fascism in the Spanish civil war.  ALBA  and The  PUFFIN FOUNDATION  gave awards to journalists  Lydia Cacho  and  Jeremy Scahill . and songs of the period were performed by  Velina Brown  and  Barbez ; a record will be released next year.   Japan Society , May 7, 2016  Bottom:   Dress rehearsal on  John Jesurun's  set at St Mark's Church for the upcoming  Juliette Mapp Dance Space project  entitled "Luxury Rentals".  Note: Juliette and Dan Kaufman, featured on guitar to the right, are married and raising a young child in Greenpoint, they both have major openings in New York this week. They are a HOT NYC COUPLE both operating in fields that don't pay very well if at all. As my Wesleyan classmate,  Steve Mantin  wrote about Lower East Side street basketball, they're in it because,  "Don't Nobody Love The Game More Than Me" .   May 10, 2016  
 On The Bowery where ICP is reopening, one kind of symbol of meaning  covers another which lies next to yet another. Palimpsest. May 6, 2016
  Performing Arts Journal celebrates 40 years  in  Robert Wilson 's loft - April 26, 2016
  The Order of Disorder  workshop at  The Village Zendo , November 2015.  Michel Nocando Dobbs and  Moshe Mr.Yoowho Cohen .
  Preeti Vasudevan  tells stories with her hands in preparation for a 2017 show at  New York Live Art s in collaboration with  Paul Kaiser . Chelsea, NYC, March 23, 2016
  PARKER MILLSAP  at Great Scott in Alston, Mass on May 3, 2016   MORE PICTURES
   A MAP OF WIND    as hurricane Matthew hits Haiti October 4, 2016.  MY FATHER , a cloud physicist, would have loved this technology, I'm sad he didn't live to see it.  I've just set this fascinating site as my home page, I recommend you check it out, click on your current location and enlarge the view.
LEONARD COHEN @The Bottom Line in 1976
  Senator Sherrod Brown  from Ohio hosts a fund-raiser in New York for former Ohio  Governor Ted Strickland  who is running for the Senate and  Senator Michael Bennet  who is running to retain his seat in Colorado.  The night before, the senators had stayed up late with Senator Cory Booker supporting Senator Chris Murphy's filibuster in favor "sensible gun regulations" in the wake of the Orlando abomination. It was a pleasure to see these fairly "normal" guys operating as a team, It's a team I'm happy to support. June 16, 2016
 THE  PRISON MINDFULNESS INSTITUTE  in Deerfield, Mass on Friday the 13th of May, 2016.
  Grandparents kiss .  Kent Island, August 2016
 A party on Bleecker Street.  J.J.French, leader of  TWISTED SISTER , wonders what I'm doing out there.  Check out their new documentary featured on Netflix.
AL JARREAU (1940-2017) @ The Bottom Line in 1976
MOSE ALLISON @The Bottom Line in 1976
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