Ten years ago today, the Bush-Cheney American government invaded Iraq.  Some believed Mr.Hussein was a threat to the American homeland, but the millions of people who marched in the streets that Fall and Winter disagreed. They believed they were being actively deceived by disinformation and manipulated by fear mongers.  

Artists did their best to tell their version of truth.[wpvideo OHjp54iI] These posters were drawn by Lisa Herman Cunningham and glued to popsicle sticks. I took them on my bicycle around New York matching them to backgrounds; I'd just hold the popsicle stick at arms length and make the picture with the other hand; we made postcards which were distributed around the country that winter as well as a website and a film.  I think our phrases stand up pretty well after ten years, but they failed to stop the invasion.

blinded by belief copy.jpg

The night the bombs fell on Bagdad I kept repeating the phrase, "I really hope they know what they're doing".  They didn't.  The fact that Mr.Bush, Mr.Cheney, and Mr.Rumsfeld didn't even have a plan for the day after shock and awe was a criminal failure of leadership. I knew they were mendacious but still can't conceive of how they could have been so incompetent.  I suspect they still have a psychological condition that robs them of the capacity for shame.